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Day 11 - The Last Song! Track 11: I Come To You

Well, today is the last day of the countdown! Tomorrow is the big day - Falling Up will be available for sale! That brings us that last track from the cd. I Come To You.

This song is very important to me. I used to write a lot of songs that I had no intention of sharing. They were the songs I wrote after midnight when I was writing only to get my restlessness out. After the car accident I was in a few years ago, I realized that life is too short not to say what I want to say. This song I wrote the week before the accident and started playing again when I was recovering. The amazing Texas music community put on a benefit concert for us at Hills Cafe in June 2011. I had been working with my occupational therapist to be able to move my hand the right way in order to hold a guitar pick. I set a goal to be able to play a song at the benefit and I did it! I threw my guitar pick on the ground a few times while I was playing, but it was the greatest feeling I have ever had with a guitar in my hands. This is the song I played. It's a song about looking in all of the wrong places and just trying so hard to get back home to God when all He wants is for me to come to Him. "You just wanted me to come to you at all..."

So here it is! The last song. And a fitting one. I Come To You

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