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"A decade ago, a strong wind blew down from the Sandia Mountains of New Mexico, picked up Arielle Nicole, and after months of cross country travel, landed her in Austin, Texas. It was during this time on the road that Nicole discovered her love for song. Whether she was parked under the stars at a remote highway rest stop or barreling toward a blacktop sunrise, she found that a song provided a way to hold on to that moment, or in many cases, help understand a situation. It was through these trials and miles that Arielle Nicole discovered her passion and need for music. 

In 2011, having just released her debut album, "This One's For You," Arielle was in a life changing car accident where she fractured her neck and sustained nerve damage to her strumming hand. The challenges of the recover process awakened a new depth in her songwriting and lit a fire in her determination. Arielle is back with the 2014 follow-up album, "Falling Up" which she co-produced and played all guitar and mandolin. Listen to this album and you will hear it - some things are just a matter of time.”


     “Ari’s voice is both a gentle voice of hope & a stubborn voice of refusal… Refusal to cowtow to the bottom-rung songwriters that demand female vulnerability… Refusal to compromise, period. Magnetic in person, Ari Nicole is simply enjoyable and, when the stars align, she’ll be unbeatable.”

                          Zach Jennings, Lone Star Music


     “Driven is a word that gets thrown around a lot when it comes to young artists, but I truly feel that is the best word to describe Arielle Nicole. She began making a name for herself well before her 20th birthday and I have no doubts her talented songwriting will take her even further by the time she’s 25.”

                      Sarah White, Aggie 96  - Bryan, TX

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