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Day 7 - Track #7: The Lower I Sink

Happy Day 7! Today's song is "The Lower I Sink." This song I meant with all of my heart but I actually wrote for a songwriting class I was taking in my first year of college. It is the oldest of the songs on this record, but it still seems to be the most present in my life. The idea for this song came into my head while I was working at a deli (obviously that job didn't last too long!). My mom likes to joke that I wrote it about a turkey sandwich. But this song is actually about coming back to somebody who treats you terrible... like an on again off again relationship. "The lower I sink, the harder I fall..."

I had fun in the studio with this one. I specifically tried not to plan this one out too much so we could give it life during the recording process. I played my ES-335 on it and had a blast! I can't wait to record some more just so I can record more songs like this one.

Hear it here!

See you tomorrow!

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