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Day 3 - Track #3: Falling Up

Hello! Todays' song - song #3 - is the title track, Falling Up.

This is one of my favorite songs I've ever written. I actually wrote it in my car. I was teaching guitar lessons and I had a long break between students. I didn't have anywhere to go so I parked somewhere to play guitar. I wrote "Falling Up" in my car outside of Chuck-E-Cheese. It took me maybe ten minutes to write and it was one of those defining moments as a songwriter where what you mean to say is exactly what you do say. The next day I recorded it in my home studio and the two guitar parts fell into place. I felt as if they were talking to each other. It was Valentines Day - I remember that. Over a year later when we took this song into the studio for this record we kept every part exactly how I had recorded it in my little home studio. I couldn't think of a better title that sums up the theme of this collection of songs. So here you have it - Falling Up.

See you tomorrow.

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