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Day 1 - Song #1: Play It Easy

Well everybody, I am excited to finally count down the days to the release of Falling Up! It certainly feels like it has been a long time coming. I have been writing songs for this album since I finished working on my last one over four years ago. Since then I feel like I've lived a lot of life - I survived a major, life-altering car accident. I chased down my dreams long enough to be led off course and only to be led right back here again - where I know I am supposed to be.

And so begins the countdown! Today is day one. In eleven songs in eleven days you will have a new album from me. Let me start by saying that if I could make the perfect record, the one I have dreamed of since I first picked up a guitar, this is it. Not that it is perfect by any means - it has its imperfections, but they are exactly what I wanted. By the "perfect" record, I mean the exact one I wanted to make. As a songwriter, it's difficult to make a clear, direct expression at the birth of creativity. And it is especially difficult to translate that expression in another format with other people in a different setting. But I did it! This is exactly what I meant to make. I said exactly what I meant to say. Whether it is just for my ears or for 10,00 of yours. I hope you love it - I sure do!

So, here we go. The first song I bring you is "Play It Easy." Track 1. This is the most recent song on this album. It's about the uncomfortable position in the detachment from another person where you are trying not to let it be known that you can feel anything. It's as simple as that. I wrote it in about ten minutes in a dark room on a stranger's guitar. When we took it into the studio, everything sort of fell into place and set the mood for the rest of the songs. I hope you like it!

See you tomorrow with #2.

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